New suit neck design

The cape also acted as a protective cloak designed to block fire and acid jets, thus helping protect the suit's electronics. Similarly, the cape also minimized the possibility of grit and other contaminants from entering and potentially clogging up the filter. 10 Gloves and boots Edit On his hands he wore black reinforced gauntlets, 5 the right glove being a mandalorian crushgaunt fitted around one of Lord kaan's indestructible sith amulets, and modified to include grip-augmentation circuitry. 17 10 The gauntlets were also made of a micronized Mandalorian iron weave to protect Vader against glancing lightsaber blows during the patient's physical therapy sparring sessions, as well as deflecting a direct hit from a blaster bolt. The gloves, as well as the boots, contained magnetic clasps that snapped onto vader's prosthesis tubing, in order to prevent him from shifting equipment or clothing during combat. Because of Vader's prostheses being effectively skeletal in nature, the gloves and boots also contained padding to provide definition, with the added benefit of confusing enemies as to which portions of Vader were cybernetic. 10 Vader's shiny black all-terrain combat boots contained shin armor of durasteel 7 that hinged on the sides of the foot of the boot to allow him to walk. 5 The boots soles also contained a ferromagnetic core which could be activated by vader's mouth-operated controls to generate a strong magnetic field similar to that of zero-g spacesuits used by soldiers to cling to starship hulls, and the shin armor was among the heaviest. In particular, the shin armor's durasteel also rendered him invulnerable to stabbing strikes or shrapnel spray. 10 Functionality Edit Life support Edit The inside of Vader's mask Though the extent of Vader's injuries remained concealed by his foreboding armor, it was known that he required an advanced life-support system to stay alive. 7 This life-support system was integrated into his armor, thus freeing Vader of the limitations inherent in external life-support equipment.

new suit neck design

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The first primary layer was a self-sealing surface similar in function to a standard Emnat suit worn by most Imperial military officers. The outermost layer was a black insulating shell, and ireland the inner layer was an Andwa gel-crystal matrix. The second primary layer dealt with impact protection from physical shock due to the irreversible damage to the torso. The first layer was reifflex cellular padding which was also utilized for some Stormtrooper helmets; the second layer was orthofabric; the third layer was mylar laminate; the fourth layer was polychlorophene-2 fiber weave, while the final layer contained a rechargeable energy suit. The third primary layer related to the pressure and temperature regulatory functions of the suit. The first layer contained plastex pressure garments; the second layer related to temperature stasis and the third layer was a compression sheath. 10 There was also a gasket within a suit that accesses the cartridge containing kouhunin chemicals to lessen Vader's perception of pain. The suit was also lined with sensors plugged to diagnostic systems to monitor Vader's pulmonary, respiratory, and neural interfaces and feed the data to the central chest box. The suit's temperature is likewise regulated via a heating unit installed on the back. 10 The outer cape and the tunic were made out of armorweave, as they provided protection from environmental damage and were light enough for adequate movement.

new suit neck design

chest box. The fastest method of recharging involved attaching cables to a fusion furnace. 10 His belt, which went over his tabard, and also was mostly black, had three metal boxes around the front. The middle one had a silver electromagnetic clasp adorning it that included the release button and audio sensors. 10 The other two boxes were symmetrical blocks decorated with several green, yellow, and gray buttons. 5 The left box was the respiratory controls, which contained six gray knobs for manual adjustment; a red system active indicator button; two green buttons composing of a reset switch (left) and an auto/manual toggle (right and a gray rectangular surface that acted. The right box were the temperature controls, containing two green buttons that had the same purpose as the green buttons on the respiratory controls; a heat vent below the green buttons; a system active indicator button and manual adjustment knobs. The clasp also contained a compartment containing a spare energy cell in case of emergencies, as well as backup comlink and a tool kit for simple suit repairs. 10 Protective systems Edit Vader wore a black ribbed, padded, multi-ply body glove that covered everything below his neck. This flexible, quilted suit was blast-dampening, and was made of a fireproof material that provided some protection against flames and corrosive gasses. The armor was constructed in ten layers, with each subdivided into three primary layers.

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Around the neck of huidzorg the full-shoulder pauldron was a black chain, and connected to the upper seam of the armor 5 was Vader's black, flowing, 11 nearly floor-length armorweave cape. 8 Coming from beneath the pectoral armor was a black tabard which was open in the front and reached down to the ground. 5 The shoulder armor itself weighed.2 kg overall, was resistant to both blasters and energy blades, and was capable of withstanding hits from both weapon types with only minor surface pitting. A drawback, however, was that its weight made it difficult for Vader to raise his lightsaber to full height, though he could still raise his hands above his head if pressed. 10 Around his entire abdominal area, he wore a plastoid girdle that protected his organic and synthetic internal organs, 8 and on his back, hidden by his cloak, he wore a flat black backpack. 16 7 over his solar plexus, he wore a chest unit that served to regulate many of the life-support functions of the suit, including the status of Vader's cardiopulmonary and neural systems. The chest control box had three slots, relating to neural systems data; respiratory systems data; and pulmonary systems data for the top, center, and bottom slots, respectively, and several rectangular buttons adorning the unusually vulnerable piece of machinery. The blue button activated the suits auto control functions, while the red button, located below the blue button, activated the suit's manual override. The rightmost switch, located at the bottom, acted as a system reset while the rest of the four switches located at the bottom were programming touch plates. There were also two shafts located on the left and right of the control box, acting as the life function sensor arrays. The data slots accepted RepMed data wafers Ix44a and Ix44ax sizes, which, when inserted, uploads within 200 milliseconds full diagnostics of all suit systems for monthly maintenance.

new suit neck design

On top of the slanted front of this collar were several interfaces, with wires running back from it to the back of the collar. From the sides of the collar came two metal stems capped with a curved fixture. These touched the outer corners of Vader's mouth. 5 The collar, along with the chest armor, was also lined with electrodes that feed information status of the suit's performance during monthly maintenance sessions at the EmPal surecon. The collar was also equipped with feeding straws that allowed Vader to feed himself from an implanted bladder filled with RepMed vitapaste, and could be refilled either during monthly maintenance, or on demand. Despite this, however, a redundant system to accommodate intravenous feeding was also installed because of the vitapaste's terrible taste. The collar also came equipped with a vocoder in the jaw assembly to aid in Vader's weakened speech, as well as mouth controls that Vader could utilized to his advantage in combat, including visual overlays; optical magnification, comlink-frequency selection; boot magnetization; and targeted audio amplification. The collar locks the mask in place via electromagnetic clamps. 10 Torso Edit Blueprint of Vader's armor Vader's pectoral armor appeared to be one piece that protected his entire upper torso. 5 The durasteel material 8 was gray in hue with several black vertical stripes.

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In addition, the lens also came equipped with a hud that supplied critical data automatically as an overlay if Vader entered new environments, including information about atmospheric composition, nearby bio-signatures, and others, which could also be selected via the mouth or tongue controls (by pursing. The lens, likewise, gebruiken came equipped with secondary eyeshields that activated within 5 milliseconds, automatically sliding over the optical blisters to prevent blindness when approaching intense light. Components for a disassembled Sorosuub dh-57 comlink were also built into the mask's interior, as a result of it being a cheaper solution compared to custom-designing a new unit. It also was equipped with audio enhancers and sonic dampeners, the latter of which were also capable of reducing noise as a defense against sonic weapons, and they can extend Vader's hearing range to 40 khz, enough to be higher than a ronto. It also came equipped with a voice synthesizer, which, upon picking up the electronic sounds from a built-in vocoder, translated Vader's otherwise weak speech to be audible, and also added a timbre, bass and amplification to produce an impressive amount of vocal quality. 10 A hermetic 14 collar wrapped around Vader's neck and slanted forwards in the front to meet the mask at the bottom of its triangular grill. It was added in because the artificial vertebrae alone were of limited value as structural units. 10 The back, which sloped slightly outward at the base of his neck, was studded with metal interfaces. The two sides of the front were edged by two tubes that followed the mask's edge until it reached the base of the triangular grill. At the end of these tubes were two silver studs. new suit neck design

The air pump itself was located inside the top of the mask, which, via a ventilator, supplies a distinctive rasp. An implanted enunciator linked to an gamma electronic voice processor enabled Vader's scorched vocal cords to produce speech. Around the part of the mask covered by the helmet was the external neural sensor array. Also hidden beneath his mask were four red heat dispersion vents, accented by yellow wire. The face of the mask was somewhat exaggerated and angular, with two ridges above his eyes that fit in with those of his helmet. The optical lenses appeared bulbous. This front part of the mask was of a more highly polished black material than that of the back, being the more flexible of the two. The ridged bridge of the nose seemed lost in the largeness of the eyes, but jutted out in a manner similar to a bare human skull. The mask's cheekbones were generally angular, curving slightly to join the nose at its base. The base of the nose was a silver multipurpose detector that acted as the suit's primary environmental sensor, and could measure radiation, temperature, and atmospheric toxicity and displays the information in the hud, was rounded in shape, 10 with a triangular grill growing out from. 15 The optical lenses served as visual filters, allowing for Vader to detect infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths, while also blocking out excess light, due to the inability to repair Vader's damaged retinas.

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10 The front was carved out to fit around his head and show his "face." This helmet had a roth raised ridge that ran from between his eyes to the back of his head, where it merged into the 5 durasteel, 11 obsidian, 12 and plasteel. In addition, it was also rumored that the helmet's already strong metallic hull had also been further strengthened via dark side alchemy, with the specific technique not being found in the database of the Rhinnal Medical Academy. 10 Two less jagged ridges swept over the eyes of Vader's mask proper and served to accent them. 5 The jagged edges also acted as a means to deflect potential energy blows onto the thick shoulder armor. 10 This helmet locked into the mask, 14 via a pressurized seal comparable in integrity to a class C spacesuit. 10 Besides protection, it also stuck needles into vader's skin when fixed in place, which feed neurological data on brainwave activity to the central chest computer, and possessed radiator conduction pads that were installed into the helmet as a means to allow excess heat. 10 Darth Vader's helmet/breath mask blueprints The mask itself went halfway around Vader's head. The mask's appearance was given a similar appearance to a skull in order to enhance the fear factor of the dark lord of the sith. The top of this mask was crowned with a circular interface dotted with an array of square slots around a disc of silver. This disc served as an interface between the mask and the helmet. Made of black durasteel, these components were hermetically sealed and connected with a flat backpack that cycled air to vader's lungs.

new suit neck design

It was also uncomfortable to wear. Vader slowly learned to live with the isolation and anonymity that the suit imposed on him. Vader had to change his lightsaber style to compensate for the weight, bulk, and inflexibility of his armor. The electronics of the suit were sensitive to electrical discharges, though Vader added a limited amount of insulation to the suit after discovering this. To escape the armor's claustrophobic nature, aging vader had several pressurized meditation chambers built where he could remove his mask and suit and still survive. Vader longed to be less dependent on his armor, and tried at times to function without it, but he labored in vain. Despite the weaknesses imparted by the suit, it also provided a number of strengths. These included greatly enhanced durability and stamina, numerous sensory enhancements, and protection from extremely inhospitable environments and biological weaponry. Helmet Edit like traditional Sith armor 8 and patterned after that of ancient Sith droids, 9 Darth Vader's suit was made to be both intimidating and fearsome. 1 His helmet was black, with a highly polished finish from woodoo hide.

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Following his near-fatal duel with, obi-wan Kenobi on, mustafar in 19 bby, darth Vader received a mobile life support system encased in a suit of distinctive black armor. Darth Vader's armor ( serial number: E-3778Q-1 ) was designed to maintain and protect the young. Sith apprentice's charred body while exuding an air of intimidation and control. His suit followed an ancient. Sith tradition, in which the warriors of the dark side of the force would adorn themselves in heavy armor. The suit's construction incorporated, masker sith alchemy to augment Vader's severely diminished physical strength and vitality. The suit provided a suite of life-support systems and gave vader relatively free movement without having to use a hoverchair. It was damaged or broken several times during its use, necessitating upgrades and repairs. The suit was finally irreparably broken in 4 aby, when Vader absorbed, emperor. Palpatine 's powerful, force lightning in his face aboard the second death Star to save his son, luke skywalker, from certain death. After Vader's death, luke ceremonially cremated his father along with the armor on the forest moon of Endor. The armor encased Vader completely, creating a seal to protect his charred skin and lungs.

New suit neck design
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