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Every serious musician's goal is the netelroos search for one's own voice. This becomes even more urgent in a structurally rigid form like the blues. Part of the solution is to write original material, firmly in the vernacular, but with enough individuality to be distinctive. Always looking At me is another original, and the scenario overturns blues machismo: it's the girl who takes the initiative. Kyla does 'sassy' very well, but then, to put such role-playing in broad relief, gone is about real emotion and real pain: specifically, the bereavement of Kyla's much-loved grandmother. When she sings, "it's unbelievable you won't know my first child the line acquires extra poignancy from the knowledge that Kyla is the mother of 13-month-old Sadie. But even blues singers can buckle under the weight of pain, and so Shaken And Stirred returns to lusty concerns, with Kyla declaring her women's love rights. This zig-zag of conflicting emotion is one of the chief characteristics of soul music, which has always blurred the distinction between pleasure and pain to a sadomasochistic degree. It's probably the one thing that damns it the most in our straight, strait-laced, anodyne culture. How hard is it to be a young woman on the road? There's a famous" from Janis Joplin: "On stage i make love to twenty-five thousand people, and then I go home alone".

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The fact that Kyla is still playing such intimate gigs as Friezland Church Hall is almost proof of authenticity. Her raw talent and purity is a shocking thing in an age of conveyor-belt shop pop idols. She's so good that she merits two kinds of listening. At home, brox CDs can honourably share the same shelf as Janis Joplin or Tracey nelson (she has a better voice than either) or, getting closer to the source, irma Thomas and koko taylor. But there's no substitute for the intensity of the live experience. The show kicks off with a slow-burning blues. From the go, kyla demonstrates her mastery of the soul singer's art. She calibrates a performance perfectly, and, like the best soul singers, she takes her time and stokes up the heat by gradual degrees. Next, Frustration vents some negative feelings about the daily grind. It's an original by Brox and Blomeley (Danny; bassist, life and musical partner).

, blues all the way, the way it should be played. Blues is tough and it rocks and she does that throughout. The almost full venue loved every minute of her set, and certainly wanted more, much more! Sure there was more as Kyla came back on stage to join her, and together the party really kicked in 'wang Dang doodle 'don't Mess With my man' and one everyone got involved in chanting 'All night long yes it was 'Smokestack lightning maybe one. Still the audience wanted more, so a song about fiona's friend who had put on a few pounds, and those who made comments 'celebrate my curves' and that was. A tremendous evening of blues in it's truest sense, by two of the best around, remember the name fiona boyes, played over the years with some of the usa blues finest, and now here to broaden her fan base, by this show that's a formality. Again thanks to dave jones for bringing her and Kyla bring 'em back! Pete Clack., friezland Church Hall. Mike butler, there is no more authentic blues and soul singer in the uk than Kyla Brox. Blues and soul, note, because the two forms are indistinguishable when they're played right.

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Only for the closing 'hot Hot Hot' did she add an extra musician in bringing on Italian Pablo leone to play washboard. As always Kyla's voice as well as her flute are pure class, surely one of the finest voices Britain has ever had, and it was great to see her and Danny again, also knowing she would return later in the show to join fiona. After a break, danny Bromley returned on stage this time on bass duties, as did Pablo leone on drums, leading the way for fiona boyes, her long blonde hair and full of that Australian dry humour, with stories of her travels and ex-husbands, though happily. But it's when she began playing guitar you knew you were in for a special show, she is deeply immersed in the real blues, hard, tough and downright funky. Opening with 'wind bound to blow' her echo laden finger styled electric guitar picking drew you right back to the delta. The set included Hill country blues, texas swing and what is Australian blues. From her time in Portland Oregon came, 'i've got my eyes On you then a song about bands who promise much but fail to deliver 'big, bigger, biggest a solid piece of Texas swing. She is not one for gentle slow blues but with a permanent smile delivers with 'no holds barred' pure juke joints blues. Using both standard electric guitar, cigar box guitars (one nivea of which she found hung on the wall of a hotel bar, bought it and now plays some slide, or another from a little old mining town in her homeland, with the aussie fb holden. That among several original songs also included covers such as 'i'm a stranger Here sonny and Brownie certainly didn't play it like this, but with more than a touch of her own adding to the lyrics and style.

I know this is an album you will love more and more with every listen. Kyla is the British blues queen, her vocal range and textured shaping of lyrics with emotions are earth-shattering in their power and emotive draw. Bluesdoodles gives this cd ten doodle paws out of ten. M, kyla brox fiona boyes, vonnie's charlton kings. June 10TH 2015 'a blues musician walked into a bar in Yackandandah'. And has now done her first British gig at a club near Cheltenham. Fiona boyes has been around both the australian blues scene, a native of Victoria, played all over the usa from Florida, to mississippi to Oregon, so it's great to finally have her play in the uk, and it was more than worth the wait. In fact it was a double header bill as the wonderful Kyla Brox was also on the tour, which tours all over Europe for a month. The night was started with a set by kyla, backed by her husband Danny Bromley on guitar, featuring several of her own songs, plus covers of Etta james, nina simone and Bonnie raitt, one of whom's songs she began her set 'i can't make you. Her own songs included 'Shaken stirred 'guilty', 'skin' and 'Grey sky blue'.

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Throw Away your Blues sings Kyla Brox her style is as smooth as midnight velvet. The husky tones of Kyla on road Home would encourage everyone to drive straight to the front door with no deviations this is slow blues that gently massages and soothes your troubled soul. Then a clinic change of tempo curling flute from Kyla and an up-beat dancing rhythm as she says Im leaving you to run our home. This is blues with modern attitude this lady will walk out the door if her work in running a home is not appreciated. Listen up and say an appreciative word to those who run your Home. Blues is full of textured fun, chores are just mundane. We are back with stylish guitar driven blues with Honestly Blues as this album full of style draws to a close. . Throughout the production, the spaces and timing has been immaculate. Never does the voice battle the guitar or vice versa, the whole package is effortless harmony. The beat picks up vocal tone is deeper and the rhythm has a feet tapping quality as 365 days are explored the blues, anger and despair of a woman who endures 365 days a year of where nothing changes. . The guitar lead break is searing as if the words of Kyla have had no effect on his freedom. Closing with a love song we are left with the lingering pleasure of Kyla singing i will love you more.

Kylas vocals on all fourteen tracks that combine to make throw Away your Blues an album to treasure is velvety smooth with textures and shading that keeps the ears firmly in-tune with her soulful singing. This, Throw Away your Blues is Kylas sixth studio album, has her band performing to the flick of her hair, and meaningful stare they are putty at the feet of Kylas purity rimpel and raw talent. The band has a timing that allows the voice to shine but never harshly dominate, the music blends and shades the lyrics. Her music and life partner Danny Blomeley along with paul Farr and herself wrote the tracks that fit her style and allows the band to explore all the contours of blues and soul. Opening with If i see him, kyla sings a capella the breathing and power drags you smiling into the album, the vocal bar is raised very high indeed. Then the band joins the musical party with a grinding melodic beat adding harshness and anger to the question being asked. The shaping and timing of her phrasing is superb as she sings tell him that i am breaking the despair is immense. The flute from Kyla is a lightness in the shading a glimmer of hope and sorrow. After all that emotion the blues is pure in Lifting the Blues and the paul Farr guitar work is spellbinding as the undercurrent of the words sung with breath-taking beauty. The opening by john Ellis Hammond organ leads you into the third track beautiful day and a change again in delivery, texture and tone. This is music that strokes your senses, has all the warm of a sensual women tinged with the raw animosity of a caged cat. .

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Piaf, lady day, etta. We all know that galaxy of voices who have that extraordinary ability to algenist imbue us publicly through their voice with their depth of feeling, the nerve endings of their pain, joy and disappointment and raise us up with a brave-faced look to the future. This is an album that comfortably stands alongside that rich pantheon of talent. It's called 'Throw Away your Blues but, as we all now understand, It Ain't That Easy and here we get told why. Everything about this album is from the top drawer. The musicians and production are full of elegance and light touch (even the album design is exquisite) and together they provide the perfect platform for a voice that will move you, embrace you and leave you wanting more. Not many can do that. By the Blues Man in The hat m, bluesdoodles review 8/3/2016, throw Away your stening to kyla Brox, you will. One thing is true kyla Brox singing will lift the spirits any day of the year. . This is an album where the blue is Midnight Blue with the nap and resilience of velvet. .

There are a number of tracks on here where our guide on this emotive roller-coaster tour seems to offer a little self assurance.'Lifting The Blues 'beautiful day' and While we're Alone' are three superbly crafted songs where it seems as though there is maybe. The last of these is given a magic lift with some wistful guitar but with the next more upbeat track 'choose me' the desperate plea in the lyric does nothing to dispel the sadness. The writing throughout this big fourteen track album, provided by kyla herself with the addition of her two guitarists Danny Blomeley and paul Farr, is invested with the kind of powerful observations and commentary on blues feelings that only a female singer could deliver with. With Kyla we run the gamut of all those signposts of ing alone, being desperate to be loved, being cheated on, getting over it, moving on and still being in love more and more. There is a hint of resigned pragmatism in a number of the tracks, particularly 'ain't Got Time' and 'honestly Blues' which are two classics that hit dead centre in the heart in a way that you quickly appreciate, only a woman can deliver with effect. However, there is still hope lurking in the background and, striking a familiar chord, there is the potent 'Change your Mind' lyric where, even though rejected and neglected, the singer lets us know, sadly, that she will still be there if you should come back. But hey - don't give up lady and she doesn't. The fabulous rapid track 'run Our Home' has got some of the best 'screw-you' lyrics you could ever hope for where kyla, throwing in a bit of hot flute playing, tells her lover she's outta there and he can pick up the pieces. There is not a woman in the land who will not be up and dancing to lines like 'you can't see past schoonheidsspecialiste the end of your nose' and the brilliant 'see if you can do what I do all on your own'. Oh, yes, left to the solar-plexus, right uppercut, knockout.

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We are barely into 2016 and the Blues Gold Standard Flag has been truly planted at the top of the hill. The new album 'Throw Away your Blues' from Kyla Brox will have you hunting around for words big enough to describe the impact horse of this beautiful, beautiful piece of work. This is a serious quality blues album conjured by a fabulous blues singer who, surrounded by some stunning musicians, mainlines every word, every note straight into your Blues Central. If you have skin prepare for goose bumps, if you have a heart prepare for it to be uplifted and then perhaps broken. If you still have hair, prepare for it to stand on end. If you have a spine it will tingle and then some. ok, i'll stop there but trust me, without any shadow of a doubt, this will go down as one of the best blues and soul vocal albums of the year. The very first track 'if you see him' sets the bar at an incredibly high standard. The opening line If you see him tell him I'm sorry, sung unaccompanied, lets you know exactly where we are going with this killer blues songstress and I defy you not to open your mind to the grainy images of those mighty female blues singers. Like that distinguished blues sisterhood, kyla delivers sad, poignant, painful and heartfelt stuff. She has you from the first note and you can't let. When you are looking for a track of the year, this opening track will be on your list.

Too faced born this way nederland
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Margaret Bowman's skull was crushed and literally laid open. The attacker also bit Lisa levy with sufficient intensity to be identified as human bite marks. Bundy was arrested a month later in Pensacola.

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All were bludgeoned repeatedly with a blunt weapon. Bundy was identified by a resident returning home to the sorority house, just as he was leaving with a club in his hand. Lisa levy and Margaret Bowman were killed by strangulation after receiving severe beatings with a length of a tree branch used as a club.

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Margaret Bowman and Lisa levy were killed, and Kathy Kleiner and Karen Chandler sustained serious injuries. Within approximately an hour of the attacks in the Chi Omega house, bundy entered another home nearby and attacked a woman residing there, cheryl Thomas. All five women were university students.

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He escaped while in custody but was recaptured 6 days later. He escaped a second time and fled to tallahassee, florida, staying at a rooming house near the Florida State University campus. During the early morning hours of Sunday, january 15, 1978, bundy entered the Chi Omega sorority house and brutally attacked four women residing there.

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On november 7, 1974, carol deronch, 18, was in a utah Shopping Mall when she was approached by bundy, who told her that someone had been trying to break into her automobile. She thought that he was a police officer and Bundy later showed her a badge. Nine months later, bundy was arrested fleeing police and handcuffs were found in his car. Bundy was convicted of Aggravated Kidnapping after waiving a jury trial and received a 1-15 year sentence.

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